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42stems new partner of the Perform School of music

2022-10-27 17:32

Perform School of music

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42stems new partner of the Perform School of music

A great and important new partnership for the PERFORM School of music®: 42stems is the new company that joins the main partnerships.




42stems: the Music & Sound Production collective founded by Emanuele Frusi is the new partner of the Perform School of music



A great and important new collaboration for the PERFORM School of music®: 42stems joins the main partnerships.


42stems is a collective of artists and professionals, specialized in the creation of music and sounds for movies, advertising, games and more, with collaborations such as Rai, Prime Video, Netflix, to name a few

Characterized by the development of remote work, they have a very wide field of action that ranges from Italy to the UK, but also America and Asia.


This piece of news comes precisely during the development of a new step in the path of Perform School of music experience after the school of music has specialized over the years in certified international training.


In fact, after having undertaken this path and having also become a recognised exams centre, Perform School of music is already evolving, shifting its attention to an even more critical aspect for school students: employability.

One of the most important aspects of high-level training must be the usability of one's qualifications, or else it would all remain an end in itself. Or just a personal satisfaction.


The added value of one's training path at the Perform School of music must be (even more) that of being able to have a training experience that allows you to have a clear vision of the real professional world of the music industry, based on the path of each individual student. Whether it is that of an instrumentalist, singer, or a professionalizing course in Music production or in the Music industry in general.


The great news of today will be engraved in this complex mosaic, despite the common perception of the music industry in which, often, amateurs, amateurs and hobbyists also have a role.


Continuous training and deepening of one's knowledge and of one's sector are the basis for obtaining professionalism. The only thing that can guarantee a working future in a competitive and global environment, as can be demonstrated by the evolution of the young 42stems team, which in a few years has had the ability to fit into the real business world and that allows them to work with companies known to all: Rai Cinema, Netflix, Minerva Pictures, etc.

"We are confident that this new collaboration will be a springboard for many good and valid students, who will be able to have new stimuli and a good reason to invest in themselves."


Il direttore

Alex Bonacci

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